My name is Ginette Vallières-D’Silva is a mixed media artist. From the first canvas I painted in April 2011, have made my art a crucial part of my self-expression and self-care. I started my learning journey as an artist by observing other mixed media and art journaling artists online and have taken a few classes in and around the city. I complement my learning with a deep curiousity and an outside the box sense of exploration. I like to think of my painting process as play, a play which involves bright colourful hues and interesting textures. I paint in layers, oftentimes not having any pre-conceived idea of what the final product will be. I once was told that my paintings and mixed media pieces have a peaceful energy as if I have poured me soul into my creations.

I was born in Montréal, Québec and have been living in Edmonton, Alberta since 1987. I happily share my life with my husband and am the very proud mama to our 31 year old son who has recently, with his partner, made us very happy and grateful grand-parents. There’s nothing like a cuddle from this little bundle of joy!

I create from my home studio, our second bedroom dedicated for this purpose. This is a very special place for me that I can call my own. It is steeped in creative and peaceful energy. Just the way I like it! See pictures below.

Views of my Studio

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